What is the best autoflowering strain?

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What is the best autflowering strain?
This question used to be easier to answer when there were only a few strains to choose from and the yields were very small. Over time, the breeding of autoflowering strains has become more common and now we have a great selection of high-quality strains to choose from. Gone are the days when choosing automatic seeds meant seriously compromising on quality and variety. Most of the big seed companies produce ranges of autoflowering strains, centred around auto versions of their most popular genetics. More recently some breeders that focus solely on autoflowering strains have made a name for themselves, such as Fast Buds and Short Stuff. Because of the ever-increasing choice in automatic strains and the individual needs of collectors, we have broken the question down into categories based on the questions we are most often asked in the shop; which auto strains are easiest or best for beginners? What are the best cali and American autoflowering strains and what are the biggest yielding auto strains?
Skunk #1 Auto

What is the best autoflowering strain for beginners?
When we say “best for beginners” we are talking about strains that have characteristics making them less demanding for novice growers. Specifically, we are looking for strains that are fast-flowering, hardy (able to thrive in a wider range of conditions) and more forgiving. The strains in this section are able to cope with small mistakes and thrive in a wider variety of climates, putting less pressure on the grower to get everything right first time.

Skunk #1 Auto by Sensi Seeds
This strain is one of the building blocks of modern cannabis breeding and has won multiple awards over the years. With this in mind, Sensi Seeds breeders wanted to make sure that the auto version lived up to its mother`s name. Judging by reviews online and the feedback we have received in person they have certainly achieved their goal. The original Skunk #1 already had a short flowering time and a very stable genetic base, making it a perfect candidate for an auto version. The result is a hardy, stable and extremely fast-flowering plant that is a perfect choice for first time growers and usually our first recommendation.

    White Widow XXL Auto by Dinafem
    This is another auto version of a legendary strain. White Widow was a staple in Amsterdam coffee shops in the 90’s and the strain`s influence and popularity have certainly lived on with the ability to transport you mentally back to your favourite Dutch coffee shop. Dinafem have beefed up the genetics of this auto version by crossing it with their White Widow elite clone, adding potency while keeping flowering times short. White Widow is known for being especially hardy, capable of thriving in cooler temperatures and still producing exceptional results. Perfect for outdoors and greenhouses.

    Pineapple Express
    Pineapple Express is a fast, hardy, easy to grow strain that produces pineapple-flavoured buds coated in resin. If you are a novice looking for a strong hit of flavour, then this is the strain for you. Capable of producing big yields in just 65 days, this strain will give any auto a run for their money, with the added bonus of being very hardy and less demanding. A great all-rounder.Gelato Auto Top Terps Fast Buds
    What is the best Cali or American auto strain?
    Fast Buds specialise in autoflowering strains and have produced an extensive range of American genetics. Their line-up is full of high THC autoflowering strains, many of which could easily have been included here, but for the purposes of this list we have focused on a few of our favourites.

    Gelato Auto by Fast Buds
    If you are looking for a high THC strain that really packs a punch then look no further. Gelato is capable of producing extremely high THC contents (up to 26%) making it the most powerful strain produced by Fast Buds so far. The strain has a distinct flavour of ice cream that, combined with its resin production, makes it a great choice for extraction. It is worth noting that this strain produces an extremely strong smell during flowering.

    Stardawg Auto by Fast Buds
    Stardawg has been a very popular strain for some years now and the auto version retains the qualities which built that reputation. High yields and high THC content combined with stability make this strain a great choice for growers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice wanting a strain that is forgiving of mistakes or a seasoned grower wanting a plant that can cope with training methods, this could be the one for you.

    Zkittlez Auto by Fast Buds
    Zkittlez is a very popular strain at the moment and this auto version from Fast Buds certainly does the name justice. The strain boasts very high levels of THC (up to 23%) making it one of the most potent strains on this list so far. Zkittlez also produces very impressive yields from an auto, with Fast Buds stating it can achieve 450-500g/m in ideal conditions. Add to all this the famous Zkittlez flavour and you’re onto a winner. Time to taste the rainbow.

    Purple Punch Auto by Barney's Farm
    Purple Punch Auto, with its colourful appealing buds, produces distinctive flavours of baked apple pie is a cannabis lovers dream and is now available as an autoflowering strain. This one is a real treat for Cali weed lovers and is a big yielder producing up to 400g/m.
    White Widow XXL AUTO seeds

    What are the biggest yielding autoflowering strains?

    Typically, automatic strains flower much faster than regular genetics. The down side is that they produce lower yields. However, over time breeders have managed to create strains that are more productive, some even capable of outperforming the regular varieties. Below is our top picks of strains that maintain the benefit of fast-growing times while producing impressive harvests.

    White Widow XXL Auto by DInafem
    This strain makes its second appearance on the list. As well as being good for beginners it also boasts impressive yields up to 450g/m as well as delivering that classic 90s Amsterdam coffee shop smoke. Dinafem produce high quality feminised cannabis seeds so you can be rest assured of her credentials. 

    Critical Mass Automatic by Big Buddha Seeds
    This popular strain does exactly what it says on the tin. It is big yielding, fast flowering and high in THC. Perfect for growers looking for a big harvest in a short time frame with high quality genetics you know you can rely on.

    Amneisa XXL Auto by Dinafem
    Sativa autoflowering strains are relatively rare due to their extended flowering times. However, some breeders have managed to create auto sativas that achieve the ease of short flowering times without compromising the high yields and high THC content associated with legendary sativa genetics. Amnesia XXL marries these traits perfectly, with crops ready to harvest in as little as 75 days and yields reaching up to 500g/m - buy female Amnesia XXL Autoflowering cannabis seeds from Natural Selection online and get FREE UK delivery and FREE seeds with every order. Also available in our Leeds city centre shop.

    Auto Purple Amnesia by Short Stuff Seeds
    Another huge-yielding strain from Short Stuff with one plant producing 683g. Like Amnesia XXL, this auto retains the sativa traits of its parent genetics but with the added yield and stability of Critical+ and Diesel. Crossing this sativa has also reduced the flowering time, meaning the strain can be harvested in as little as 56 days. This strain is great for intermediate growers who want a hazy strain that is more forgiving.

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