New seedbank alert! Katsu Bluebird Seeds available now...

Katsu Seeds

Natural Selection continues to hunt for the best genetics even during a global pandemic! Despite the Covid-19 chaos we're still getting new beans in and we are stoked to announce that Katsu Bluebird Seeds have joined the Natural Selection fam. They are the brainchild of renowned breeder Katsu Bluebird who has more than 20 years experience working with and perfecting cannabis strains. Katsu works with truly  elite and heirloom genetics to create female cannabis seeds from some of the world's most sought after and prized clones and seeds. You now have the opportunity to indulge in some of these winning creations as the first drop of strains from Katsu is available to buy from Natural Selection online and over the phone. Here's where Katsu himself takes up the story...

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"I started dabbling with growing in the early 90’s. I brought some seeds back from Amsterdam, bought a Phototron (LOL) and I was off to the races. At the time, getting information about growing was difficult and getting strains that were any good was just a matter of throwing darts at the board and hoping for the best.

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