Latest CBD products and RAW x Lyrical Lemoande back in stock!

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We have just got loads of new CBD products and great smoking accessories in stock to help elevate your smoking sessions to the next level.
Twisted Hemp are one of our favourite blunt wraps companies with some great hemp wraps and pre-rolled cones and they have just released their newest creation - the Fully Twisted CBD Cigarillo - they come in 5 great flavours Sherbet, Space Fruit, Gelato 33, Tangerine Dream and Lemon OG - all available to buy online and in our Leeds shop.
Each Fully Twisted pre-rolled blunt is filled with 1 gram of premium CBD and CBG hemp flower and comes with a USA blown glass tip that is reusable. Fully Twisted CBD blunts are machine rolled so have never touched a human hand! They are 100% natural and the blend is perfectly crafted to highlight the natural terpenes and flavours of the strain. Fully Twisted CBD & CBG pre-rolled blunts contain no tobacco, no nicotine and no GMO hemp and are the premium way to "get twisted".

Fully Twisted CBD blunts

We have also got the full range of CBD pre-rolls from Professor Herb in stock and available to buy online and in our Leeds city centre shop. The Professor Herb Premium Hempette Rolls are manufactured using the finest Italian grown, EU approved industrial hemp biomass. Infused with mouth-watering flavours, these rolls provide a more natural alternative to smoking, without nicotine or tobacco, whilst offering a subtle, calming euphoria without any heavy effects.
Professor Herb CBD pre-rolls are handcrafted in the UK and rolled with Professor Herb branded ultra-thin rice paper cones for the smoothest, cleanest burn with pearl-white ash.
Professor Herb CBD Pre-rolls Natural Selection

At Natural Selection we pride ourselves in getting hold of the best and hardest to find smoking products from around the world and we have one of our favourite rare products back in stock - the RAW x Lyrical Lemonade Bud Wrap Cones.
These fly out whenever we can get them in and it's easy to see why - they are known as the loudest collaboration of all time!
These amazing cones are made from post extraction cannabis buds. This THC-free flower is pressed into these tasty wraps and then infused with Lyrical Lemonade terpenes to deliver an amazing flavour and smooth toke that will truly elevate your smoke to the next level. These are NOT hemp wraps, they are the next innovation in premium smoking products from RAW. The RAW x Lyrical Lemonade Bud Wraps come in a reusable glass tube with two pre-rolled cones in each pack.
Lyrical Lemonade x RAW Bud Wraps are made for true connoisseurs and are a real treat that will elevate your smoking sessions to the next level with their amazing flavours. In stock at Natural Selection and available to buy now from us online and in our Leeds shop.
RAW x Lyrical Lemonade Bud Wrap Cones

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