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Here at Natural Selection we are always trying to find the best seeds to bring to our customers and the latest additions to the line-up, courtesy of Dr Underground, definitely fit the bill. Dr Underground have been collecting the finest genetics for years, and in 2007 they started producing a range of feminised seeds working with strains from legendary breeders such as Soma seeds, Ed Rosenthal and Reeferman. The quality and stability of these genetics form a perfect platform. Rather than just relying on the quality of the parents of their strains, Dr Underground conduct extensive testing to ensure the offspring are every bit as good as, if not even better than, their highly acclaimed parents
Over the last 13 years Dr Underground have created a varied line-up, showcasing a range of new genetics and catering for all tastes. One of the things that makes them stand out is their dedication to bringing back “long forgotten glories of the past”. We all have memories of strains we love that are no longer available, and at Dr Underground they had the foresight to stockpile their most loved genetics and are now bringing them back for collectors everywhere.

Dr. Underground Seeds Natural Selection
Dr Underground’s Melon Gum is a cross of two bona fide legends: Lavender from Soma Seeds and Bubblegum from Serious Seeds. These plants display vibrant hues of blue, red and black throughout, with a strong aroma of lemon, sour strawberry and melon making the strain perfect for fans of full fruity flavours, and the appeal does not stop there. This strain flowers very quickly and produces large crops of solid nugs coated in resin. Dr Underground describe the strain as an “oversized delicacy”.

Black Jesus is an extremely potent indica made by crossing Tahoe OG and Soul Star Black Pheno, creating a strain which produces thick solid buds with very high resin content. Perfect for collectors looking for a serious kush!
Brooklyn Mango’s creation began with a search for the world’s best mango strains. The outcome is a cross of Ed Rosenthal’s Super Bud (which brings a solid indica structure and pineapple aroma) and Soma Seeds NYCD (a mother selected for her lean towards mango taste and potency). The result is a flavoursome powerhouse of a plant that is so covered in trichomes that it often requires extra drying time.
American Beauty is Dr Underground’s recreation of TGA Subcool’s legendary Plushberry. What more can we say really? The strain’s characteristics are reminiscent of Candy Kush and the famous Cinderella 99 Pineapple. One for lovers of the old school.
Soul Star is a cross of two top ranking genetics, Sensi Star 2004 and Peyote Purple. This is a must for collectors looking for high quality, large yields in a very short time scale. The yields are so large in fact that the plant may need a little help to support the weight.
Godzilla Glue is a cross of the famous Gorilla Glue #4. At Dr Underground they have decided to cross this clone with their King Kong master cut which has lowered the flowering time to 8 weeks while maintaining the huge yield and crystal coverage that Gorilla Glue fans are used to.
Crystal Meth is something a little different from the rest of the line-up, a hybrid created to showcase the best sativa characteristics but with a shorter flowering time. This is a truly psychedelic strain that uplifts and sharpens the senses. The sativa potency comes from a Destroyer (Cannabiogen) mother crossed with a Critical+ clone (Bilbo) to fatten out the yields and shorten the timescale without compromising the qualities of the mother.
Pain killer is a plant bred with a very specific purpose that you might just be able to guess from the name. The calming and sedative effects of this strain are courtesy of its parents, Sensi Star (Paradise Seeds) and White Russian (Serious Seeds). The strain is designed to aid with a number of conditions, from reducing muscle pain to helping counteract the adverse effects of radio/chemotherapy by increasing appetite and reducing nausea.

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