GastroPop #5 Seed Collection - available now!

GastroPop Seed Line

Introducing the much anticipated Gastro Pop Feminised Seed Collection from Compound Genetics - available now from Natural Selection online and in our Leeds shop!

The world of cannabis cultivation is constantly evolving, driven by innovative breeders who strive to create unique and exceptional strains. In this pursuit of excellence, Compound Genetics has once again proven their prowess with the launch of their latest collection: the Feminized Gastro Pop Collection. This cutting-edge assortment of feminized cannabis seeds combines the best genetics with an exciting twist, promising an unforgettable cultivation experience. Available now from Natural Selection Leeds, the Feminized Gastro Pop Collection is set to take the cannabis industry by storm.

The new Gastro Pop line is in stock at Natural Selection - this incredible new seed collection contains some truly elite cannabis genetics and properly unique new top-shelf strains. For those in the know, Gastro Pop is an underground weed legend that has been much sought after by cannabis connoisseurs and flavour chasers. Gastro Pop is a cross of the world-famous Apples & Bananas with Grape Gasoline. She creates amazing looking and smelling dark purple buds with a wonderful skunky, gas aroma with apples and bananas hints - a true modern cannabis classic. Gastro Pop also delivers on the strength side with an incredibly impressive THC level of 27-30% maker her an extremely strong weed variety.

Compound Genetics, known for their exceptional breeding techniques and commitment to genetic innovation, has once again pushed the boundaries of what is possible. With meticulous selection processes and an unwavering dedication to quality, Compound Genetics has consistently delivered unparalleled genetics to growers around the world. The Feminized Gastro Pop Collection is a testament to their skill, experience, and artistic vision.

The Feminized Gastro Pop Collection is now available to cannabis enthusiasts and growers through Natural Selection. As a trusted supplier of premium cannabis seeds, Natural Selection offers a seamless shopping experience, ensuring that enthusiasts can explore and acquire these exclusive genetics with ease.



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