Welcome back Nirvana Seeds - in stock now!

Nirvana cannabis seeds in stock now - Natural Selection Leeds

Welcome back Nirvana Seeds! After quite a while being absent from our range we are stoked to have Nirvana Seeds back in stock at Natural Selection. They have a great selection of top quality genetics and some brilliant strains that showcase the best of old school cannabis as well as some impressive modern varieties.
Nirvana are one of the oldest and most well known seed banks in Amsterdam and have their roots in the 60s hippie community in Holland. From the banks of Dutch canals through seed hunting trips to India, Africa and the Middle East, Nirvana Seeds was formed in 1995. They have been breeding and releasing classic, cup winning cannabis seeds ever since.
The description "legendary" is thrown around a lot nowadays but Nirvana has so many genuine legends in their catalogue that it would be remiss not to mention some of them. Durban Poison is a famous cross using a South African sativa landrace that any weed connoisseur of a certain age will remember being a very sought after strain. What is maybe less well known is that Durban Poison was used in the creation of the world famous Girl Scout Cookies strain proving she has found a new generation of fans. Another strain worthy of a mention is Nirvana's Purple Haze - this is a strain that almost became a synonym for good weed back in the day and she is in danger of being lost altogether as modern cannabis breeding and varieties take over the market. Nirvana have feminised Purple Haze seeds which is great for those that want to preserve these precious old skool genetics and enjoy a high quality nostalgia tinged smoke.
It's not all about the old school with Nirvana though, they have some fine example of more modern cannabis breeding. We have been reliably informed that their Gelato is one of the best examples on the market today!
Natural Selection is excited to have Nirvana Seeds in stock - top quality cannabis seeds since 1995 - available to buy now online and in our Leeds shop.

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