G13 Labs - new seed bank in stock!

G13 Labs seeds in stock at Natural Selection Leeds

We are proud to introduce G13 Labs to the Natural Selection family!
G13 Labs were established in the UK and came from an underground growing collective based in the north in the late 80s. They moved to Amsterdam soon after and their collection of unique genetics began to be shared with breeders and seed banks and they received their genetics in return. The G13 Labs breeders soon began working with these renowned growers in Holland and with other respected breeders from around the world and they have since created and released many amazing strains.
The Dutch focus of G13 Labs genetic pool makes them a great choice for those looking for a bit of old school Amsterdam coffeshop flavour with classic strains such as White Widow, Cinderalla 99, Purple Haze and Northern Lights being used in their crosess. The most popular and well known strain in G13 Labs library is probablly Pineapple Express which has gained a reputation for unrivalled flavour and taste.
G13 Labs feminised cannabis seeds are available to buy now from Natural Selection, online and in our Leeds shop!

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