Loads of new seeds in stock from Barney's Farm, Cannarado and more

New strains from Barney's, Cannarado, Holy Smoke and T.H. Seeds
It's been a while since our last blog post and we've had tons of new seeds delivered with some great new releases from Cannarado, Barney's Farm, Holy Smoke and T.H. Seeds added to our range.
At Natural Selection we pride ourselves on finding the best cannabis seeds from all over the world for you to enjoy as souvenirs and for preserving these amazing genetics for future generations. The last month or two has seen some great new releases using some of the most sought after strains from America such as Gushers and Runtz but it's not all new cali genetics, we have also restocked on some classics such as Strawberry Cough and some great old school Orange strains.
Cannarado Genetics Gushers line Natural Selection Leeds

 First up is the fresh Gushers line from one of our favourite American breeders - Cannarado Genetics. These guys are responsible for creating Sundae Driver and many of the strains used by cannabis industry giants like Jungle Boys so you know your getting some serious top shelf genetics when they drop a new line.
Gushers is a strain named after the popular USA candy and was created by the Cookie Fam in California and it quickly gained a reputation in dispensaries as some serious high grade weed. Gushers is a cross of a specially selected Gelato #41 and an exclusive Florida Triangle Kush and Cannarado have used this incredible strain to create a new line of seeds. The various crosses for this new line are enough to make your mouth water just reading them - Papaya, Gary Payton, Runtz and Tropicanna to name just a few!
The real taste of Colorado is now available in packs of six feminised cannabis seeds - these are likely to go quick and have a limited supply so don't miss out! 

Holy Smoke seeds new strains

 Holy Smoke Seeds are a smaller seed bank that concentrate on creating outstanding cannabis strains with a genuine attention to detail and the care you would expect from real connoisseurs. They have just released two new strains based on their flagship Strawberry Stardawg creation that are full of flavour and wonderful, dank aromas alongside a kaleidoscope of amazing colours.
Rawkus Runtz takes one of the most talked about strains of recent times and crossed it with two other absolute bangers to create an insane combo of Cali flavours in one pristine cannabis package. She is a cross of Runtz, Gorilla Glue #4 and Strawberry Stardawg, delivering pungent buds and a proper top shelf experience. Holy Smoke's other new release features possible one of the only other cannabis varieties to challenge Runtz for infamy and appeal in recent times - Biscotti. Cherry Bakewell is a tasty cross of Cherry Biscotti and Strawberry Stardawg and promises next level flavours and power. Both strains are available in packs of six feminised cannabis seeds from Natural Selection online and in our Leeds shop.

Barney's new strains

Barney's Farm are one of the oldest, most well known and largest seed companies in the world and they have been creating high quality cannabis strains for over 30 years. This doesn't mean they are stuck in the past though and Natural Selection has just taken a delivery of their new releases - Biscotti Mintz, Blue Sunset Sherbert and Lemon Tree.
These new strains showcase some of the best of modern cannabis genetics with elusive and much sought after American genetics such as Biscotti and Sherbert in the mix.
New Barney's Farm feminised cannabis seeds are available from Natural Selection online and from our Leeds shop now!

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