New seed bank - introducing Grateful Seeds!

Natural Selection new seed bank - Grateful Seeds

Natural Selection is proud to introduce Grateful Seeds! They are a small team of passionate cannabis lovers based in Barcelona with a vast experience in cannabis cultivation and breeding. Grateful Seeds have worked all over the world with connections in the USA, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and Morocco and this has allowed them to develop some unique artisan cannabis strains.
The main focus of Grateful Seeds' work is to find truly unique and exclusive terp profiles and marry them with amazing resin production by utilising high quality, rare genetics and hard work in the breeding room. Grateful Seeds describe their mission as bringing resin expression and terp exclusivity together to create a "wild exotic wave".
Grateful Seeds' genetics have won multiple awards all over the world including winning 7 cups at the Cosecha Cup in 2018 and 4 awards at the Home Grow Cup in Tillsburg, Holland in 2020. 

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