New products from Slapwoods, fresh bongs & Backwoods back in stock!

Slapwoods Blunts available to buy now Natural Selection

At Natural Selection we pride ourselves on searching out the best smoking products on the planet and bringing them to you in Leeds and we are really chuffed to have Slapwoods on board! 
Slapwoods are about to revolutionise your blunt game! After noticing how time consuming and messy creating blunts the traditional way can be the team behind Slapwoods decided their had to be a better way! They couldn't find anything on the market that offered what they wanted - a premium blunt smoking experience without the hassle of splitting, washing, sticking and rolling your own. To solve this problem they created Slapwoods - a high quality pre-rolled cigar cone ready for you to fill with your favourite smoking herb!
Slapwoods use only the finest quality, highest grade natural tobacco leaf in their cones - their virgin cigar blunt cones have never been mixed with low grade filler tobacoo. Slapwoods are rolled by hand in the Dominican Republic and each one of carefully inspected to make sure they are of the highest quality and contain no stems on the edges. In addition Slapwoods cigar cones are pre-washed and hand cut to ensure a luxury smoking experience every time. It is this attention to details that makes Slapwoods a truly premium product for premium smokers. Slapwoods comes in a tasty Russian Cream flavour and each cone holds approx 2 grams of ground herb.
The Slapwoods blunt cones have been flying out since we got them in the shop so don't miss out - they've available to buy in our Leeds shop or online now!
Backwoods cigars back in stock
Backwoods are back! We have just taken a delivery some of our best selling Backwoods flavours - Honey Berry, Russian Cream, Honey & Honey Bourbon so grab a smokey treat whilst they're still available!

New bongs Natural Selection Leeds

 We've has a bong restock with some favourites back after being out for a while plus some great new additions to the line. Whether it's a percolator bong, beautifully coloured glass pipes or a rig for your dabs, we've got you covered - all available online and in our Leeds shop.

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