New product round-up and a super soft landing!

New smoking product blog post Natural Selection We've been a bit quiet on the blog post front lately but rest assured it's because the Natural Selection team has been busy hunting the globe searching for the best smoking products to bring to you in Leeds.
First up is the Splyft terpene infused cones - these come in a range of flavours derived from your favourite strains like Gelato, Biscotti, OG Kush and loads more. Splyft cones are made in the USA and they make sure to only use the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients when making their cones. These are a great addition to our range of flavoured papers, cones and blunts and will elevate any smoking session to the next level.

King Palm Lemon Haze

As another step in our quest to provide the ultimate smoking products we are stoked to be among the first shops in the UK to stock the Lemon Haze flavour King Palm mini rolls! King Palms have been a firm favourite in the shop since we first got the unflavoured ones in a few years back and the new range of terp infused pre-rolls have been flying out too. They come in packs of 2 with a fruit terpene derived flavour capsule in the tip for an intense but natural taste. King Palm don't use the normal, cheap chemical flavouring that most flavoured blunts and papers on the market do and you can really taste the difference in your smoke. We've been wanting to try these new Lemon Haze King Palms for a while now at Natural Selection and we can confirm they've been worth the wait - in stock and available to buy now online and at our Leeds store.

DNA Genetics Pillows Natural Selection Leeds

Next up has to be one of our favourite additions to the Natural Selection range in a long time - these super soft pillows by DNA Genetics. It will not be news to anyone who knows us at Natural Selection but we have been huge fans of the DNA guys for ever and since we first opened our doors in 2011 we've always been impressed by their eye for quality and attention to detail. Normally this passion for creating premium products is focused on the breeding of world-class cannabis strains such as Skywalker Kush and Tangie but this time the DNA Genetics family have turned their attention towards your home! We are smitten with these cushions and they have quickly found a home in our home due to being insanely soft and comfy as well as looking incredible. There are four different designs with a DNA Genetics logo, California bear logo, Crockett Family Farms and a special spliff shaped pillow to choose from. These are full size and premium quality and are sure to enhance any smoking session as well as providing a wonderfully soft place to lay your head at the end of the day. Available now in limited quantities from Natural Selection, online and in our Leeds smoking shop.

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