New product - RAW Smellproof cozy & Jars in stock now!

RAW Smellproof cozy & jars Natural Selection Leeds

Do you need a smell proof and secure storage jar? If you do Raw has got you covered!
The new RAW mason jars come with a cozy that provides 5 layers of smell proofing including activated charcoal. These 5 layers also act as padding make the jar drop resistant for use ‘on the go’ or just protection against clumsy friends (we all have them). The also features a siliconized zip to keep the smell blocking seal intact. The jar itself is a Raw branded mason jar with a metal screw on lid with a rubber seal that means even without the Cozy the jar manages to contain smells very effectively. As with all of Raw’s products their logo features heavily on both the jar and the Cozy however the all black logo on the Cozy makes this product more subtle and ‘stealthy’ than most. The final piece of the puzzle is added security in the form of a combination lock that will keep the contents safe from children and all but the most dedicated adults, something you’ll appreciate if you share your house with light fingered friends. These Raw jars are available in 3 sizes; 6oz, 10oz and 16oz to suit your storage needs from a carry around jar to home storage. If you need something that isn’t covered with this size range, give us a call and we will find an option that works for you.  

These jars as well as the rest of our catalogue are available in store and online. If you have and questions about this product or anything else from Raw feel free to give us a call, we are here 7 days a week and are happy to help.  

RAW smellproof cozy & glass jars are available to buy now from Natural Selection online and in our Leeds shop. We are open everyday, 10am-5pm Monday - Saturday and 11am-3pm Sunday.

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