Limited edition & new King Palm flavours out now!

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At Natural Selection we are always researching new smoking products from around the world so that we can bring you the best and most exotic, hard to find smoking accessories to elevate your session. When we first came across King Palm pre-rolled blunt leafs, we were excited to see how they smoked and what the reception would be like in the UK. Natural Selection was one of the first (possibly THE first) smoke shop in the UK to stock King Palms and we have quickly become a firm favourite among our customers.
We always try to keep on top of new King Palm releases and we have just taken delivery of three exciting new flavours from them! The first is a limited edition Pumpkin Cream flavour - perfect for the long autumn and winter nights ahead!
The second of the new releases is another limited edition flavour - Strawberry Shortcake - a sweet, dessert flavour that King Palm claim is a "treat fit for royalty".
Last but definitely not least is the Blue Grape flavour which is part of the new "Fusion Flavour" range from King Palm. This is an expertly blended combination of two existing King Palm flavours into a new and extra tasty fusion.
King Palm all natural, tobacco-free blunt pre-rolls are available to buy now from Natural Selection online and in our Leeds shop.

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