New Alien Labs, Zkittlez & White Runtz Glow Trays available now

Alien Labs Glow Tray new designs in stock now
The amazing LED Glow Trays are back with loads of new designs from some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry.
Glow Tray have collaborated with the famous California brands Alien Labs, Zkittlez and Runtz to produce a must have product for the true smoking connoisseur. These rolling trays are truly unique and are illuminated by colour changing LEDs charged via an included USB-C cable and come with a high quality printed protective carry bag. These are pretty limited so be quick and don't miss out! Alien Labs, Zkittlez & White Runtz Glow Tray LED are available to buy now from Natural Selection in our Leeds shop and online! 
Alien Labs Glow Tray Natural Selection
Alien Labs have quickly become one of the most renowned and sought after companies in the booming American cannabis market. Alien Labs started in 2015 and was founded by Ted Lidie, a second generation farmer from Northern California. The founder worked in the medical cannabis industry since 2009 as a dispensary manager and after the industry developed decided to start his own brand.
Alien Labs began in 2015 and was founded by Ted Lidie second generation farmer from Northern California. The founder of Alien Labs began in the medical side of the cannabis industry in 2009, working as a dispensary manager. He was inspired to embark on creating a brand as he watched the marijuana industry develop. Seeing where it could go was exhilarating and he wanted to be part of it. Alien Labs are not breeders, they select and grow strains from the best seed banks and breeders in the world, concentrating on quality over quantity.      Runtz Glow Tray Natural Selection LeedsThe Runtz brands is shrouded in mystery without much information about the company, the strain or anything else available. Despite this the Runtz brand has created a huge following in America and worldwide. We have two new Glow Trays from Runts, the White Runtz and orange, as well as the original purple one. 
Zkittlez Glow Tray Natural Selection Leeds

Zkittlez is another name that rings out loud in the weed world to those in know. The Zkittlez strain was created by Terp Hogz and was named for its fruity candy style taste that reminded the breeder of the sweets Skittles and is cross of Grapefruit, Grape Ape and a mystery strain. Since its release the Zkittlez strain has won numerous awards such as 1st Place in the Emerald Cup in 2016 and made waves with weed lovers all over the globe. Natural Selection has all the different colour Glow Tray x Zkittlez in stock and these are seriously limited so don't sleep! Buy your Glow Tray x Zkittlez LED rolling tray from Natural Selection online or in our Leeds smoking shop now! 

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