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Smokus Focus Jars

Smokus Focus are an American brand that create amazing jars designed for displaying and storing top shelf flowers with an innovative LED lighting and magnification system. Since their launch they've become favourites among connoisseurs and dispensaries alike and with their airtight, smell proof and scratch resistant construction it's easy to see why.
The current range consists of two amazing models; the Jetpack and the Eclipse.
The Eclipse jar is the newest and most versatile of the Smokus Focus range. It has a 4 X magnified lid with a smaller 8 X magnified lens to allow the best ever view of your herbs. The signature Smokus Focus LED lighting is here as well, recessed into the lid and lasting 10-12 hours before it needs charging with the included USB-C cable.
Smokus Focus have outdone themselves with the Eclipse; featuring scratch-resistant acrylic glass, an airtight, smell proof silicon gasket and a lockable lid, the Eclipse is rugged enough to be thrown in a backpack or glove box and is perfect for storing herbs on the go as well as at home. If you're into top shelf flowers then this is a brilliant display jar that’ll be shining bright well into the night.

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Smokus Focus also offer a more portable herb jar that offers some of it's own unique features that will enable you to enjoy your favourite flowers and herbs like never before!
The Jetpack jar is equipped with a circular magnification window built into the lid, allowing you to inspect the jar’s contents without opening it up. An even better view of your favourite herb can be achieved by turning on the integrated recessed lighting which illuminates the inside of the jar beautifully showing off every crystal and pistil. The LED light is powered by a long-life CR1632 battery house in the toughened acrylic lid.
The Smokus Focus Jetpack jar features a secure child proof locking system plus it's signature "scent vent". This is a small recess that can be opened to reveal the aroma of your herbs without having to fully open the jar.
Prepare to blast off with the all new Smokus Focus Jetpack display and storage chamber! Take a look through the pristine acrylic glass. Peek through the powerful magnification window. This isn’t a display jar—it’s a miniature terrarium.

Smokus Focus Jet Pack Storage Jar Natural Selection Leeds

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