Blunt wraps from True Hemp available now!

True Hemp Blunts

At Natural Selection we are always trying to find the best new smoking products on the market to bring to you and we are chuffed to have True Hemp blunt wraps in stock.
These new blunt wraps come from a group of smokers in California that wanted to created a way to enjoy a great blunt without having to smoke tobacco. True Hemp is bringing the latest hemp wrap to the market. Born out of their love for traditional blunts; True Hemp’s goal is to give consumers the same slow burn experience in the emerging hemp market without the harsh tobacco for a smooth draw and a satisfying smoke.
True Hemp blunt are made from organic hemp and we have four flavours in stock, Sticky Gelato, Mango, Banana and Honey. Each packet contains 2 hemp wraps and comes is resealable to ensure your wraps stay fresh at all times.
These are fast becoming one of the best selling blunt wraps we have so try some online or in our Leeds smoking shop now!

True Hemp blunts wraps

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