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USA Import hemp wraps Natural Selection

At Natural Selection we are committed to finding the best smoking products from around the globe and right now, after a wave of cannabis legislation in the past few years, the US has arguably become the epicentre of the weed world. Cannabis culture has always thrived in America but the last few years has seen an explosion in weed- based brands and new smoking products.
Blunts have always been a big thing in USA weed smoking circles and at Natural Selection we pride ourselves on having a great range of blunt wraps and pre-rolls from brands such as Backwoods, Slapwoods, Tyson Ranch and True Hemp. To ensure we keep offering the widest range of the best blunt wraps around we have recently imported a load of new blunts directly from the USA.
These blunts are pretty rare in the UK and Europe so come and grab an exclusive wrap and roll up a phatty!
The new range includes Skunk Brand terp infused hemp wraps with mouth-watering flavours that will transport your tastebuds across the pond with flavours such as Grape Soda, Mango Smoothie and Cherry Pie. There are also Twisted Hemp wraps which come in packs of 4 with juicy sounding flavours such as Tropical Breeze and Endless Summer. 
The largest range we have added is from the High Hemp company - these guys produce high quality blunt wraps from premium organic hemp and have some amazing flavours such as Banana Goo, Honey Pot, Dutch Cream and Bare Berries.

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