Six new strains from Holy Smoke Seeds have dropped!

New strains from Holy Smoke Seeds

We have been huge fans of Holy Smoke Seeds at Natural Selection for quite a while and their latest drop shows why; exotic and rare genetics combined by expert breeders into new and exciting cannabis varieties. The latest release of feminised cannabis seeds from Holy Smoke sees six new strains utilising some of the finest genetics from their own extensive library as well as select strains from some of the best modern breeders like Seed Junky and Ethos Genetics.
A lot of these new strains are powerful indica dominant hybrids based on Seed Junky Genetic's underground favourite Pancakes. This strain has become a huge hit in the weed world of California's top shelf dispensaries and is known for her sweet, buttery taste that will remind you of a berry topped pancake breakfast. Pancakes is a cannabis strain with some powerhouse parentage, she is a combo of Kush Mints and London Pound Cake and this makes her the perfect lady to work with for this line of new feminized weed seeds.
First up in the new seed line up is Blueberry Pancakes, a mouth-watering cross of a classic old school Blueberry and Pancakes. This new cannabis strain is seriously strong with test coming in at 28% THC and she also delivers on the flavour with that dank berry taste combining with a gassy dessert like flavour.
Next is one we are particularly excited about at Natural Selection as she is a cross of Jelly Tots and Pancakes called Jelly Donuts. Jelly Tots is a great cannabis strain herself that combines Tropicanna Cookies and Purple Sherbet and when this is crossed in with the Pancakes the flavours and aromas are amazing. Jelly Donuts is a winning weed strain all round with great looks, amazing smell and taste plus THC levels of 30%.
Cherry Dawgpound is the third new cannabis strain from Holy Smoke to use Pancakes and this time they've crossed her with their own Cherry Bakewell to great effect. This is another strain with some serious heritage running through her parents, there's Strawberry Stardawg and Cherry Biscotti alongside London Pound Cake and Kush Mints, providing a smokey tour through some modern cannabis favourites.
Continuing the cherry theme is Cherry Kush Cake which is Cherry Biscotti crossed with Pancakes from Seed Junky Genetics. Holy Smoke Seeds count this as one of the best strains they've ever created with an amazing taste of glazed cherries, gas and vanilla plus a seriously strong indica hit all packaged in exceptional yields of the frostiest of nugs. 
As the name of the next variety to be available to buy as feminised cannabis seeds suggests, Champagne Cake is a strain for the elite among us. She is a top-shelf cross of Brute Rose and Pancakes with a great taste and exotic terp profile that make her a smoke best enjoyed outdoors in the sun.
The final strain in the new line of female weed seeds from Holy Smoke is Black Cherry Cake and she is a cross of Cherry Garseeya and Ice Cream Cake. This strain is sure to please those with a sweet tooth providing vanilla, cake and the creamiest cherry ice cream flavours. She was first made available in regular cannabis seed form and was such a favourite among the team and customers that Holy Smoke realised she had to be made available as feminised seeds too!
The amazing new line of feminised cannabis seeds from Holy Smoke Seeds is available to buy now from Natural Selection both online and in our city centre Leeds shop.  Even better is that for a limited time you get two female Peach Slap seeds free with every pack you buy!

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