Tyson Ranch Blunts available to buy now!

Tyson Ranch wraps Natural Selection
Continuing our quest to find exclusive smoking good for the connoisseur we are proud to present Tyson Ranch blunt wraps and cones - now available to buy from Natural Selection online and from our Leeds shop.

These premium blunt wraps come from Tyson Ranch and renowned Amsterdam and LA based paper manufacturers Futurola. Mike Tyson needs little introduction and he has become a leading figure in the legal American cannabis industry with his Tyson Ranch brand and smoking products.
The Tyson Ranch blunts come as an individual wrap or a pre-rolled cone packaged in a reusable glass tube. They are totally tobacco free and are infused with terpenes inspired by Mike Tyson's favourite weed strain, The Toad which is a cross of two legends in Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg OG.
The Tyson Ranch Blunts were created because a quality product deserves a quality roll - smoke like a champ!

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