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New TH Seeds strain Pistash
T.H. Seeds continue with their slew of amazing new strain releases with their newest connoisseur cannabis creation - a mouth-watering cross of Biscotti and French Macaron.
As the name suggest, Pistash is wonderful nutty and cookies & cream flavoured strain that combines one of the most sought after strains in American dispensaries - Biscotti with TH's own French Macaron to create a wonderfully balanced indica with an incredible taste and an intense, creeping high. There is a lot of cookie and gelato genetics in Pistash, Biscotti was originally created by Cookie Farms and has a parentage of Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato #25 and a rare South Florida OG, French Macaron herself is cross of French Cookies and Gelato #33 so if that kushy cookie & Gelato taste is your thing then this is the strain for you!
Even better, when you buy a pack of 5 feminized Pistash cannabis seeds from us you'll get 2 extra Pistash seeds plus 1 French Macaron seed for FREE! (Limited edition offer - whilst stocks last - available online an in our Leeds shop).
Free Dank Bananas seeds Dank Genetics Natural Selection

 We have another great special offer as well - you can't say we don't treat you sometimes! Most people don't need any encouragement to buy Dank Genetics seeds as their impressive strain lineup of feminised cannabis seeds speaks for itself but that hasn't stopped them adding even more (3 to be exact!) reasons. For a limited time you get 3 Dank Bananas feminized seeds for free with every pack of Dank Genetics cannabis seeds you buy from Natural Selection - in our Leeds shop or online!
If you didn't know about them already, Dank Genetics are well worth checking out. They are a UK based seed company that has some serious connection from across the pond which, combines with the USA cannabis explosion in breeding means they have access to some elite, top-shelf rare US genetics. Dank Genetics have worked with some of best seed banks and breeders in California, Colorado and other legal states and the list of strains they work with showcases this perfectly; expect strains using the likes of Sunset Sherbert, Gelato, Purple Punch, Pink Panties, Banana OG and more.

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