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Re:Stash Jars Natural Selection Leeds

Natural Selection is pleased to announce we have just taken a delivery of RE:STASH jars - these air-tight storage jars have been causing a stir in the states where they have quickly become a must have products for storing your favourite top-shelf herbs.
RE:STASH jars are designed from the ground up to provide the best conditions for both your herb and the planet. Built and designed around the philosophy of "reduce, reuse & then recycle" the masonry Re:stash jars are the prefect sustainable herb storage solution.
The Re:stash jar is a glass Mason Jar wrapped in a custom 100% silicone koozie which not only protects your jar but helps to preserve your herb by blocking UV rays. The lids are made in the USA from recycled FDA Polypropylene with 30% from repurposed farm waste and hemp fibres and are also CPSC certified child-resistant so your precious stash can stored safely away from children as well as sunlight! RE:STASH Jars Zkittlez

 The 8oz RE:STASH jar comes with a RE:VIDER which allows you to separate your jar into two compartment and also comes with a clip for an 8g BOVEDA humidity pack. Just like the re:stash mason-re lids these are made in America from recycled materials.
The Mason-Re jars by RE:STASH are the next level in herb storage and are great for use at home or on the go. They come in two handy sizes, 4oz and 8oz and RE:STASH have collaborated with some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry such as Cookies, Berner, Alien Labs, Zkittlez and Runtz so you can always store your bud in style.

White Runtz Re:Stash Jars Natural Selection Leeds
Buy any 8oz Re:Stash Jar from Natural Selection, online or in our Leeds shop and get a FREE Boveda humidity pack to keep your herb extra fresh!

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