New T.H. Seeds strain & special offer!

TH Seeds Orangesicle SeedsNew strain from T.H. Seeds is out now - Orangesicle!
T.H. Seeds were one of the first Dutch companies to bring elite US genetics to Europe in the early 90s and the iconic seed bank continue to release some of the finest strains using rare American genetics.
Orangesicle is T.H. Seeds' newest creation is a journey of potency and fruity flavour with a soaring and euphoric high. She is a cross of Purple Tangie and French Cookies so has some fine pedigree in her parentage which can be seen in the sweet orange flavour that is complemented by a creamy cookie dough taste.
Orangesicle is a sativa leaning strain with a mostly uplifting & cerebral effect and she tastes of orange popsicles! T.H. Seeds are calling this strain their favourite new summer smoke because she's as enjoyable and refreshing as frosty orange lolly on a hot summer's day.
TH Seeds Orangesicle
Growers that operate in a legal climate can expect to see well structured plants that are uniform and with a predictable vigour. Orangesicle has a great resistance to pests which make her suitable for cultivation in almost all climates.
This is a limited edition release with only 420 packets of Orangesicle available. They come in special packaging, numbered 1 to 420 and each pack of 5 feminised seeds comes with an extra 2 seeds free plus a bonus feminised French Macaron seed! Grab this great release whilst you still can!
Limited edition Orangesicle packaging
Buy a pack of Orangesicle & get 2 extra Orangesicle seeds plus 1 French Macaron for FREE!!!

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