New auto seeds from Barney's Farm out now...

Barneys Farm New strains

Barney's Farm have been at the forefront of the cannabis scene for decades now and alongside their famous Amsterdam coffee shops they have been producing high quality cannabis seeds for ages. Alongside some of their classic seeds such as Blue Cheese and Critical Kush they have brought some great modern genetics to the market recently and have just dropped some amazing new autoflowering strains.
These new autoflowering cannabis seeds use some classic genetics from the Barney's vault as well as some of the new "cali" flavours that people are falling over each other to smoke and enjoy.

New Barney's Farm auto strains
Feminised auto cannabis seeds from Barney's Farm are available to buy from Natural Selection in our Leeds shop and online now - LSD Auto, Glue Gelato Auto, Zkittlez OG Auto, Critical Kush Auto and more...

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