Brand new seeds from The Plug Seed Bank in stock now!!

New Plug strains out now Natural Selection Leeds
The Plug has emerged as a major player in the booming Spanish cannabis scene with their clubs in Barcelona becoming renowned for the finest selection of strains from around with globe. They they then decided they needed to help bring the dank to the masses and launched the Plug SeedBank with some amazing cannabis creations.

Natural Selection is very excited to be stocking their new releases that were announced at this year's Spannabis festival. These sold out when we first got them in, the demand was that high!
As you can probably tell from our lovely Skittles inspired pic a lot of these new Plug strains are focussed on the crosses with the amazing Zkittlez strain. What makes these beans extra special is The Plug are the only seed bank approved by Terphogz and Platinum seeds. Terphogz is the creator of the original Zkittlez strain so you can be assured that these new feminised cannabis seeds from the Plug will be the real deal.

New Plug strains at Natural Selection

The new seed collection from The Plug contains some real gems using some of the finest Californian genetics to create some mouthwatering strains:

Baklava - Wedding Cake x Gelato
Do-Si-Dos Zkittlez - Watermelon Zkittlez x Dosidos
Forbidden Fruit Cake - Wedding Cake x Forbidden Fruit
Lots of Zkittlez - Z3 x Watermelon Zkittlez
Melonaid Zkittlez - Lemon Tree x Watermelon Zkittlez
Punch the Cake - Wedding Cake x Purple Punch

Buy the latest Plug cannabis seeds from Natural Selection online or in our Leeds shop now! 

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