Raw Black King Size papers are here!

RAW have been at the forefront of rolling paper innovation for years and their latest product is causing waves throughout the smoking world. RAW Blacks are the thinnest natural unbleached rolling papers that RAW have ever produced and are likely to be the thinnest on the market. This unique artisan paper has been made for the true connoisseur and is so thin it's virtually flavourless and allows you to truly taste your smoke at a never before experienced level.
 We don't want to pay more than we have to for skins so Natural Selection is selling them for a quid, the same price as normal king size Raws. As with most of the products we sell we have thoroughly tested the RAW Blacks and we've got to say, believe the hype! They're smooth, almost completely tasteless and burn in an even manner. The RAW Blacks have quickly become best sellers in the shop and now we're selling them online too! For a rather eccentric explanation of what the new Raws are all about check out the video below.

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