New breeder - Maniac Genetics now in stock!

Maniac Genetics Natural Selection Leeds
Maniac Genetics are part of the exciting new breeding scene in the UK and specialise in producing strains from rare and exclusive genetics. Maniac Genetics have a great eye for pheno selection and ensure they lock in desirable traits in their breeding program with an attention to detail not often seen in breeders just starting out. 
Natural Selection is proud to support UK breeders and we are chuffed to have some of these very limited seeds in stock and available to buy now. Maniac Genetics utilise some wonderful genetics in their breeding and work with strains such as Ninja Fruit, Platinum Gelato, Alien Cookies and the unmistakable funk of the Cheesecake. These regular cannabis seeds are very limited and are unlikely to be released again so don't miss out!
Buy Maniac Genetics Natural SelectionManiac Genetics is at the forefront of the modern UK cannabis breeding scene. Using rare genetics, with an eye for great pheno selection to ensure consistently desirable traits you can be sure Maniac Genetics always deliver. There aren't many of these available so don't miss out!

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