Lift Tickets Terpene Infused papers and blunts available now!

Lift Tickets 710 Terpene Infused papers available now Natural Selection Leeds

Natural Selection is very proud and excited to be stocking Lift Tickets 710 rolling papers and blunts. Lift Tickets create terpene infused rolling papers and hemp blunt wraps in their California laboratory from some of the most sought after flavours in the cannabis world.

Lift Tickets 710 terpene infused rolling papers Leeds Natural Selection

We have two types of tasty, terpy ways to enhance your smoke, there's a pre-rolled terpene infused rolling paper cone and also a terpene infused hemp blunt wrap so you can skin your own. Lift Tickets are imported straight from California USA to the UK and they come sealed in a durable and reusable glass tube for guaranteed freshness. They contain no THC or tobacco.
The signature strains that these guys use for the terpene infused papers and blunts include some flavours that are sure to excite the true cannabis connoisseur. Lift Tickets blunts and paper are available to buy now online and from our UK shop in Leeds - get your taste buds tingling with flavours such as Gelato 41, Biscotti, Gushers, Apple Fritter, Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. 

Lift Tickets 710 hemp blunts Natural Selection


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