Kuntz - new seeds from Pheno Finder & Ultra Genetics out now!

Kuntz feminised cannabis seeds

We have two new seed drops this week from Pheno Finder Seeds and Ultra Genetics and they might be the best example of cannabis nomenclature we've heard in a while - presenting two new strains; Kuntz (Pheno Finder) and Titty Twister (Ultra Genetics).

Titty Twister seeds by Ultra Genetics

Pheno Finder Seeds have an impressive array of strains in their catalogue but Kuntz might be the best named strain they have on offer! Kuntz is a combination of the amazing and world-renowned Kosher Kush from DNA Genetics that won the 2010 and 2011 Cannabis Cups with her impressively high THC levels and a wonder of the modern weed world - Runtz S1. Pheno Finder selected their Runtz S1 as she displays the wonderful flavour, taste and unique aromas that this strain has become well known for in California and beyond.
Continuing the innuendo themed strain naming is the new release from UK based Ultra Genetics - Titty Twister. The name comes from the bar in the film From Dusk till Dawn where the vampires congregate and is a nod to the length of high you will get from this delightful new strain. 
Ultra Genetics hail from the UK and are breeders of some seriously good weed! They created Sour Grape Kush and Mendo Grape Kush amongst others and have a great stable of stable of high quality genetics to work with.
Titty Twister female cannabis seeds by Ultra Genetics is a new strain that they've created by crossing two total legends from the weed world. Ultra Genetics are a bit tired of the current Gelato and Cookies hype and depsite these being great strains they feel the current releases lack that something a little different and exotic. Enter Titty Twister - a mouth watering cross of Super Silver Haze and Sour Grape Kush.
The mother of Titty Twister is Ultra Genetics own legendary Sour Grape Kush strain that is the result of a Sour Diesel, OG Kush and Grapefruit cross and she was combined with an original elite Super Silver Haze clone.
Super Silver Haze is that rare thing, a genuine cannabis legend that is regarded just as highly now as it was when it first arrived on the scene in the 90s. The particular SSH that Ultra Genetics used as father for the Tiitty Twister cross is the best cut known to exist in the industry and has a history of winning bucketloads of cannabis awards. The original breeder of SSH has confirmed this cut as an elite example of this amazing strain and it brings that wonderful old school haze taste to the party.
Titty Twister displays a real frosting during flowering and delivers good yields of top shelf haze buds with a range of flavours from diesel haze through to a sweeter kushy haze taste.  
Buy Kuntz and Titty Twister feminised cannabis seeds - available now from Natural Selection online or in our Leeds shop.

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