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Cannarado Genetics available now

Natural Selection is beyond excited to welcome Cannarado Genetics to the family! Cannarado Genetics is a renowned seed bank from Colorado that has been breeding elite strains for years. They are best known for their infamous cannabis creation Sundae Driver which caught the attention of Jungle Boys and also High Times, being voted one of the best strains of 2018. Sundae Driver is an Indica leaning cross of Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie which brings the much sought after grape and cream terpene profile. Natural Selection is really proud to have their new Sundae Driver collection available with some amazing strains available as feminised seeds!
From backcrosses to filial generations, Cannarado Genetics has worked with the cannabis plant in every way, from feminized to regular crosses, they've done it all. Decades of experience has lead Cannarado to showcase some of the most unique strains to the world. By using elite Colorado cannabis strains and clone only elites from around the globe their base and then building off of that, they hope to bring some of the best seeds that the cannabis world has to offer to the community. Cannarado is always striving to keep the best coming out from under their lights. The last two decades of breeding has been a passion just as much as sharing their creations. Cannarado Genetics hopes people can find something they truly cherish from their work. Be it for healing purposes or just a love of growing this wonderful plant.
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