Barewoods x Koko Nuggz Chocolate OG Blunts out now!

Shop for Koko Nuggz now at Natural Selection Leeds

For all you chocolate and blunt lovers out there we have a great new product in stock from the boy at Koko Nuggz - their collaboration with Barewoods - a Chocolate Blunt that looks good enough to smoke!
Despite looking very much like the real thing this "blunt" is made from chocolate, nutella and a Gram cracker coating and is not for smoking! Crack 'em out after a proper session and they'll be sure to stave off your munchies and chocolate cravings!
Koko Nuggz back in stock!

We have also had a restock on all the flavors of Koko Nuggz 10z bags - Kush Berry, Cookies 'n Cream, Biscotti and all other flavours are back and available to buy now from Natural Selection in store or online.

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