Packwraps x Twisted Hemp Wraps - Noir Series - White Truffle - GOLD Tip

  • £9.95

The latest luxury wrap kit from Packwraps is here - their Noir Series is a premium blunt wrap kit that contains two White Truffle hemp wraps plus a reusable real gold plated glass tip. Smoke in real luxury with the Packwraps x Twisted Hemp Noir Series blunt kit.
Coming out of Los Angels is Packwraps - a collaboration between Packwoods & Twisted Hemp Co.
The Packwraps are the next evolution in blunts and hemp wraps, they are the ultimate premium blunt smoking experience and they allow you to "pack it like the pros".
Each packet of Packwraps is a full blunt smoking kit and comes with 2 premium, all natural hemp wraps, a reusable USA-made glass filter tip, a rolling / storage tray and a patent pending XL Pro Packer tool. 
The Packwraps are the first Impossible Leaf blunt wrap and they deliver an extremely premium smoke. The Impossible Leaf is not just another alternative to a tobacco leaf, it is the future of blunt wraps - they have been specially designed to mimic the qualities of a tobacco leaf but without the harmful chemical and side effects. The Impossible Leaf stays fresher for longer (up to 30% longer than a traditional wrap), burns slower and is a lot smoother with a great taste with loads of amazing flavour choices. Each Impossible Leaf wrap is hand-crafted and then is machine cut in a special whale tail shape that is designed to provide an even burning signature for the smoothest and most enjoyable way to enjoy your premium herbs and flowers.
The Packwraps x Twisted Hemp blunts are the next level in blunt wraps and will elevate your blunt session to hitherto unseen levels.
Buy Packwraps x Twisted Hemp premium blunt wrap kits from Natural Selection online or in our Leeds shop now! 

  • 1 x Noir Series blunt hemp wrap kit by Packwraps x Twisted Hemp
  • White Truffle Flavour
  • Gold plated glass tip
  • Limited Edition
  • Each pack contains:
    2 x Impossible Leaf flavoured hemp wraps
    1 x Storage tray & herb catcher
    1 x Gold plated Glass filter tip (Made in USA)
    1 x Pro Packer XL

  • 100% Tobacco free
  • No nicotine
  • Slow burning & smooth tasting

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