OCB Premium King Size Slim Papers & Filters

OCB Premium King Size Slim Papers & Filters

  • £1.99

OCB Premium slim king-size rolling papers are some of the most iconic rolling papers on the planet. They have been amongst the most popular rolling papers for true connoisseurs for years due to being ultra-thin and slow-burning as well as being GMO free and vegan friendly.
OCB are one of the most recognisable rolling paper brands in Europe and have a distinguished history starting in France almost 200 years ago. Their story starts in 1822 at a water mill on the banks of the river Odet and really gets going with the trademark of "OCB" and the complete concentration on producing rolling papers in 1918. By 1930 they had two mills producing 86 million packs of papers, 90% of these productions were exported, a lot to the USA. Over the rest of the century OCB cemented itself as one of the premier rolling paper brands in the world. 1999 saw the launch of OCB Premium papers and was a pivotal moment for the brand and many smokers worldwide.

Natural Selection stocks a wide range of rolling papers and OCB Premium have always been a firm favourite, ultra fine and steeped in history, they provide the ultimate smoke.

  • 1 x Premium Slim Kingsize rolling papers & tips by OCB
  • Ultra fine king-size slim rolling paper
  • GMO Free
  • Vegan
  • Natural acacia gum
  • Slow burning
  • 32 papers + 32 filter tips per packet

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