King Palm - Strawberry Shortcake Flavour - 2 Mini Rolls 1g

  • £4.95

The latest flavoured blunt from King Palm is here! A new limited edition flavour sensation - Strawberry Cheesecake, is now available for you to enjoy. King Palm like their shortcakes shorter and their strawberries sweeter so they have served up a treat fit for royalty.
King Palms are completely free of tobacco and chemicals, made from only 100% real palm leaf and they provide a smooth and cool smoke.
These flavoured pre-rolls are a superior alternative to the usual flavored blunt wraps on the market, a lot of which use nasty chemicals to produce their flavours. At King Palm they use an innovative "squeze & pop" technology that infuses the fruit terpene derived flavour into the filter tip which results in a much better taste than when burning the flavour on the paper or wrap itself.
King Palm pre-rolled cones are hand rolled using premium organic Cordia leaf and then sealed together using papers, no glue or saliva is used - the King Palm creates a smooth, cool and slow burning smoke that you'll want to savour again and again.
The full range of King Palm pre-roll blunts are available to buy now from Natural Selection online and in our Leeds shop.

  • 2 x Strawberry Shortcake "Mini Roll" size pre-rolls by King Palm
  • Limited Edition Flavour
  • New Fusion Flavour series - 2 flavours in one roll
  • Strawberry & Shortcake infused "squeeze & pop" flavour system
  • Each mini pre-roll holds approx 1 gram
  • Made from 100% organic palm leaf from the Cordia family
  • Super slow burning
  • Hand-picked, rolled and cleaned with purified water
  • No tobacco
  • Zero glue
  • Organic cooling corn husk filter
  • Made in a sustainable way
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Comes with King Palm packing stick
  • Packaged with 2-way Boveda 62% Humidity control pack

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