High Hemp Organic CBD+ Blunt Wraps - (Various Flavours)

  • £2.50

High Hemp wraps are a premium 100% organic & vegan herbal wrap made in Amsterdam and they are one of the finest hemp wraps available on the market today. The High Hemp wraps are totally vegan and GMO free and each pack contains 2 wraps plus 2 filter tips so you can create the perfect roll with ease. High Hemp wraps are packaged in a resealable foil pack for ultimate freshness.

Banana Goo is the newest and most hyped flavour from High Hemp and has natural banana flavourings with a hint of banana sweets to help give your smoke a truly tropical vibe.

Flora Passion: Transcending through the universe, we came across a unique fruit on planet earth. A beautiful vine with incredible flowers. After analysing this vine we found the fruit. We knew we had to snatch the beautiful fruit from the vine and extract the mesmerizing aroma. This unique exotic experience gives our clients a pleasantly tangy and tart aroma with a hint of sweetness. Once you smoke a Flora Passion, you will always be passionate about High Hemp.

Maui Mango Organic Wraps are the first of its kind! With a smooth tropical aroma, as you open the pouch, you'll quickly fall in love. Using only natural mango flavour, you'll instantly smell the difference. Roll up the tropics this summer with High Hemp Maui Mango. 

Honey Pot Swirl High Hemp wraps are the first of its kind! With a smooth sweet honey-like aroma, as you open the pouch, you'll quickly fall in love. Using only natural honey substitute flavouring, our wraps continue to be 100% Vegan! Roll up the sauce High Hemp Honey Pot Swirl.

Blazin' Cherry is a sweet and delicious wrap made entirely from Hemp and natural ingredients. This wrap has a blast of real cherry flavour and will be your new favourite!

Dutch Cream Organic Wraps have a smooth and subtle vanilla aroma.  Using only natural vanilla flavour, you'll feel like you're waking up in Amsterdam. Roll up sweet deliciousness this spring with High Hemp Dutch Cream.

Bare Berries flavoured blunt wraps from High Hemp have a very berry taste and are made with Californian raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

88888 88888 is the name of High Hemp's classic bubblegum flavour blunt wrap.  It has a gr88888 88888 aroma, as you open the pouch you'll be taken back to a time when things were simple and sweet. Roll up your favourite pastime with our sticky sweet bubble gum flavoured High Hemp 88888 88888.

Area 51 Green blunt wraps by High Hemp have the wonderful taste of fresh green apples and are the result of some strange activity observed on 4.20.2021. On that day there were several reports of unidentified flying objects flying overhead the High Hemp Headquarters. These strange ships were spotted hovering over a hemp farm emitting a bright light and along with some surveillance footage captured, these sightings confirm that a new Alien lifeform has made contact! What these otherworldly creatures want is anyone's guess but they gifted us with this amazing new flavour hemp wrap before they took off into the night sky.

Buy High Hemp herbal blunt wraps - available now from Natural Selection online and in our Leeds shop!

  • 2 x flavoured hemp blunt wraps by High Hemp
  • 2 x pre rolled filter tips
  • 100% Organic Hemp
  • CBD positive (Contains naturally occurring CBD)
  • Vegan
  • GMO free
  • No tobacco
  • Packaged in a resealable pouch for ultimate freshness

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