Hemp J-Tube - Santa Cruz Shredder (Various Colours)

  • £4.95

The Hemp J-Tube is the latest product from Santa Cruz - these tubes are perfect for holding a king-size pre-roll. They are made from 100% natural Hemp with natural dyes and are fully biodegradable, so they're environmentally friendly.
Most joint tubes (or doob tubes) are circular in shape, but Santa Cruz have designed their Hemp J-Tubes to have flat edges on either side so they won't roll off any surface you place them on. This might not sound like a big innovation but it is this attention to detail and design that make Santa Cruz products such a joy to use.
The Santa Cruz Hemp J-Tube is airtight, smell-proof and waterproof and has a double O-ring gasket seal so they will keep your precious pre-roll in perfect condition whilst keeping away any nosey noses!  

  • 1 Hemp J-Tube by Santa Cruz Shredder
  • Made from 100% hemp
  • Fully biodegradable & environmentally friendly
  • Made using only natural dyes
  • Special anti-roll design
  • Smell-proof
  • Airtight
  • Waterproof
  • Double O-Ring Gasket Seal
  • Length: 13 cm

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