Head Chef SILK TOUCH 4-Piece Grinder (Various Colours)

  • £24.95

The new SILK TOUCH range of grinders by Head Chef use a unique coating to create a smoother grind that has a lovely soft and silky feel in your hand as you grind your favourite herbs.
The Headchef Hexcellence Silk Touch grinders are a 4-piece design and feature a striking two tone colour aesthetic, the White and Teal grinders have a brushed steel look to the teeth and the Black and Orange have a dark bronze colour. This makes the Headchef Hexcellence Silk Touch grinders a seriously classy piece that will stand out from the crowd.
The Headchef Hexcellence Silk Touch grinders have a magnetic lid that has a hexagonal shape for an ergonomic grip plus super sharp teeth to ensure a perfect grind every time. 

  • SILKTOUCH Hexcellence 4-piece grinder by Head Chef
  • Has a unique "silk touch" coating
  • Hexagonal grip top
  • 2 Tone Colour design
  • Diameter: 55 mm
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Magnetic lid
  • Super Sharp teeth

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