Dutch Passion Critical Orange Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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Critical Orange Punch is a great strain created by Dutch Passion that utilises some top quality genetics in her esteemed parentage. She is the first strain that Dutch Passion have released that is based on the famous Kritikal Bilbo genetics that hail from Spain and is known for outstanding yields. This was extra important when creating Critical Orange Punch as the breeding for this variety started with the crossing of an elite Grandaddy Purple with a special Orange Bud. This produced Orange Punch which was an amazing tasting strain but was a little lacking with the yields. Dutch Passion decided to supercharge her by crossing her with a high yielding and extra THC rich Critical. The resulting strain is Critical Orange Punch and she certainly packs one for flavour, strength and yield!
With the starting point for this strain, not to mention the name, then flavour is the name of the game and Critical Orange Punch doesn't disappoint. She has a complex terpene profile which delivers a fruity jab that bursts with mouth-watering tropical fruit flavours that bring to mind fresh oranges, sweet mandarins and juicy lemons. 
Critical Orange Punch is hybrid cannabis strain that produces a pleasant and relaxing effect with a great sativa indica balance meaning she can also be quite euphoric and uplifting with her high as well as giving quite a body stone with some phenos.
Critical Orange Punch is a quick flowering strain that will finishes in around 8 weeks, she's easy to grow and can deliver impressive yields. According to Dutch Passion she can take some real stick and come out fine! Beginners should have no problem producing heavy and delicious yields and the more experienced grower can achieve some great results.
Dutch Passion is one of the oldest and most respected seed banks in Holland, formed in 1987 they have over 30 years experience with breeding the best cannabis and creating the best seeds for everyone to enjoy. Dutch Passion were also the first company to create feminised seeds which they achieved in the early 90s, this has since become the main way people buy seeds and has completely changed the industry. This esteemed company is responsible for world famous strains such as Blueberry and Orange Bud and have won over 50 cannabis cups and awards.

  • Critical Orange Punch feminised cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Critical x (Grandaddy Purps x Orange Bud)
  • Indoor flowering time: 56 days / 8 weeks
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