Conscious Genetics "Bloody Oranges" Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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Bloody Oranges is a new cannabis strain by Conscious Genetics that is a cross of Blue Orange Runtz Cake and Red Kachina. The team at Conscious think this is the perfect cross with the Red Kachina being their most terp filled purple strain and and being crossed with the Orange Runtz Cake which is one of their most popular creations. 
The Red Kachina pollen donor used in the creation of Bloody Oranges is heavily dominated by the flavour profile of the orange cheesecake, whilst her appearance takes on the intense purples of the pink champagne. Meanwhile, the Orange Runtz Cake mother was an excellent phenotype that perfectly blends the flavour of the Sour Apple Runtz & the Orange Cheesecake, giving the deep orange terps from the OC and the intensely gassy creamy notes of the Sour Apple Runtz.
The resulting Bloody Oranges progeny tend to express medium to high yields and plant structures that pack on unique colours, terps and super dense frosty buds alongside those creamy gassy orange notes from the parents. Bloody Oranges is the perfect name for this killer new variety that typically finishes flowering between week 9 and week 10. 

Conscious Genetics are quite a new seed company that created their flagship strain, Conscious Kush V1 around 2015 and have gone from strength to strength ever since. This strain was a hit for its amazing gassy flavours and fruity funk and it motivated the team to create some new breeding projects and strains. Conscious Genetics have focused their work on creating uniquely strong purple weed strains and have collaborated with the breeder Annunaki Genetics based to bring some very special new cannabis strains to the market. 

  • Bloody Oranges feminized Seeds by Conscious Genetics
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Orange Runtz Cake x Red Kachina
  • Indoor flowering time: 63-70 days / 9-10 weeks
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