Blazy Susan Purple King Size Slim Papers

  • £1.49

Introducing Blazy Susan purple papers! Blazy Susan hail from Colorado and are made in France from premium quality wood pulp. The Blazy Susan skins have a distinctive look - they're purple which has been achieved with natural dies.
Blazy Susan are famous for their pink papers and they have now introduced the world's first purple papers to help take your smoking game to the next level.
These king size slim papers are non-GMO, totally vegan friendly, flavourless and odourless and enable a slow-burning, smooth smoke. Best of all there are 50 papers in each pack - almost double the industry standard of 32!
Buy Blazy Susan purple king size slim papers from Natural Selection online or in our Leeds shop now!

  • 1 packet of purple King Size Slim papers by Blazy Susan
  • Ultra-thin purple papers
  • Made from premium wood pulp in France
  • Designed in Colorado
  • Slow-burning
  • Flavourless & odourless
  • Vegan
  • 50 papers per packet

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