Activated Charcoal Filter Tips Xtra Slim (x50) by Purize (Various Colours)

  • £8.95

Purize filter tips are a new product that we are really stoked on at Natural Selection - we have never enjoyed using pre-made filter tips before we tried these. These are the next level in high quality filter tips and they provide a cool, smooth smoke whilst also significantly reducing harmful substances and toxins.
The inside of each Purize filter tip is filled with coconut activated charcoal and each end has a ceramic cap, this construction is specially designed to provide a cool and smooth and a great air flow for a wonderful smoke.
Purize filters are made from high quality, sustainable organic materials so they are both good for you and the planet! 

When compared to a normal cardboard roach these Purize filter tips delivers a much cleaner and smoother smoke and they come in a reusable glass jar. Each jar of multi-coloured Purize filter tips comes with a mix of yellow, green, magenta, blue, brown and white tips.

  • 50 coloured filter tips by Purize
  • Coconut activated carbon filter
  • 2 x ceramic caps on each filter
  • Organic
  • Extra slim size
  • Significantly reduces harmful substances & toxins
  • Comes in a reusable glass jar
  • Length: 26.9mm
  • Diameter: 5.9mm

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