The Plug "Fritter Delight" feminised cannabis seeds

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New strains from the Plug are always something to be stoked on and their latest drop features two wonderful new varieties; Zerbert Smoothie (Apples & Bananas x Zerbert) and Fritter Delight (Apple Fritter x SFV OG x Zerbert).
Fritter Delight is an exotic new hybrid that brings together the sweet, delectable essence of sweet and tart notes from the infamous Apple Fritter and the robust, earthy tones of San Fernando Valley Kush (SFV OG). This mother/pollen receiver of the Apple Fritter x SFV OG has been taken to new heights thanks to the reversed Zerbert pollen. This harmonious new hybrid strain results in an extremely exotic and beautiful array of flowers that exhibit heavy resin production contrasting deep colourations. Fritter Delight is a medium to high-yielding strain that is packed full of elite flowers. 
Fritter Delight reaches its optimum flowering time between the 8th and 10th weeks, a period during which it unveils its full aromatic and potent potential. Its genetic lineage is not just a marker of quality but also a beacon of versatility, Fritter Delight combines the best attributes of its parent strains into a singular, remarkable experience.

The essence of Fritter Delight lies in its intricate flavour profile, a delightful tapestry woven from its distinguished lineage. The mother is a hybrid of Apple Fritter x SFV OG. Apple Fritter is a cross of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies that is known for its flavour-packed sweet and earth-packed aroma that is reminiscent of freshly baked apple fritters. Packed full of tart apple notes with rich comforting pastry notes and delectable diesel, it adds profound depth to the Fritter Delight. 

When you consume Apple Fritter you're met with initial notes of sweet, apple-like undertones reminiscent of the Apple Fritter strain tantalise your palate, followed by the earthy, pine-infused accents inherited from the SFV OG. This delectable symphony is beautifully rounded off with the berry and candy nuances of Zerbert, creating an exquisite taste and aroma that is both complex and immensely satisfying.

Combine this with SFV OG, renowned for its potent, piney, and earthy notes with hints of lemon and diesel. It brings a robust and resilient genetic backbone to Fritter Delight, contributing to the strain's vigorous growth characteristics and its ability to thrive in various cultivation environments. The therapeutic qualities of SFV OG, particularly its capacity to alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety, are also mirrored in Fritter Delight

Lastly, the pollinator is the Zerbert reversal, aka pollen donor. A flavour-packed creation that crosses Zkittlez and Sunset Sherbert. The combination produces a strain that is widely recognized for an impeccable fruity and dessert-like aroma, with strong notes of berry and citrus which is underscored by the delectable creamy & candy-like sweetness from the Sunset Sherbert side of the lineage.

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  • Fritter Delight feminized cannabis seeds by The Plug Seedbank
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Apple Fritter x SFV OG x Zerbert
  • Indoor flowering time: 56 - 70 days / 8-10 weeks
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