Lift Tickets - Terp Infused Papers & Glass Tips - OG Kush

Lift Tickets - Terp Infused Papers & Glass Tips - OG Kush

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We love terp infused papers and glass tips at Natural Selection and we are stoked to have these new premium paper & tips packs from Lift Tickets in stock!
The Lift Tickets OG Kush Infused Rolling Papers is a revolutionary product in the world of consumption. The Lift Ticket Laboratory have infused their papers with one of the latest and most exciting exotic hybrid strains that have captured the attention of the rapidly evolving cannabis market.

The Lift Tickets OG Kush terpene-infused papers are infused with one of the most desirable and classic strains from the world of Cannabis genetics, the ever-popular OG Kush, believed to be the result of a bag seed. OG Kush has since had the world of genetics in a choke-hold despite this world being constantly developing and expanding by storm, this fuel, pine and earth-packed profile is here to stay!
Lift Tickets Labs is the pioneer in the infused rolling paper industry, setting the gold standard through their meticulous terpene extraction techniques and unwavering commitment to the cannabis community. They are privileged to collaborate with the most sought-after genetics and cannabis strains, ensuring their products are top-notch.
What sets these rolling papers apart from the competition is their authentic infusion with natural cannabis terpenes derived directly from the strain mentioned on the packaging. Their technique results in a significantly enhanced terpene profile, intensifying the overall effects of your cannabis experience. Rolling with these papers is a breeze, thanks to their natural composition and ease of use.
Moreover, each pack includes five premium glass tips featuring the distinctive Lift Ticket branding. These glass tips are reusable and come with a silicone tip that prevents any material from falling out. Cleaning them is a cinch; soak them in isopropyl alcohol or use an orange chronic solution.
The dimensions of the papers are 5 x 9 x 1 inch, providing a generous size for your rolling needs. The airtight packaging ensures the preservation of the rich and unique flavour profile that makes Apple Fritter cannabis so sought after.

  • Terp Infused Papers & Glass Tips by Lift Tickets
  • 5 x OG Kush Terp Infused Papers
  • 5 x Premium glass tips
  • Infused with natural, cannabis derived terpenes
  • Strain specific

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