Ultimate Blunt Gift Set - Backwoods & Slapwoods

Ultimate Blunt Gift Set - Backwoods & Slapwoods

  • £44.95

Natural Selection has put together the ultimate blunt gift set for those that enjoy a premium smoke - grab a selection of Backwoods cigars, Slapwoods and Stickywoods that will enhance any smoking session.
Included in the ultimate blunt smokers' gift set is two packs of the most sought after Backwoods flavours, a bottle of Stickywoods blunt adhesive, one pack of Slapwoods and a Slapwoods sticker.
Backwoods need little introduction and are the cigar of choice for blunt smokers the world over due to their distinctive taste and appearance. We have chosen two of your favourite flavours for this gift set - the classic Honey Berry and the ever popular Russian Cream. For the ultimate blunt gift set there can be no hiccups so we've included a bottle of Stickywoods all natural blunt adhesive to ensure your blunt rolling is as smooth as your blunt smoking.
The ultimate blunt gift set needs a little extra something so have a pack of Slapwoods too! These are a new, premium way to smoke a blunt - they are a high quality pre-rolled cigar cone ready for you to fill with your favourite smoking herb. Slapwoods come in Russian Cream flavour with three luxury cigar cones per pack. We have been selling out of these pretty quickly when we get them in so don't miss out!

    • Ultimate Blunt Gift Set
    • Contains:
      1 x Russian Cream Backwoods 5 Pack
      1 x Honey Berry Backwoods 5 Pack
      1 x Slapwoods 3 Pack
      1 x Stickywoods Blunt Adhesive

    • Slapwoods Details:
    • 3 cones per pack
    • Each cone hold approx. 2g
    • Russian Cream Flavour
    • 100% Premium Natural Tobacco
    • Pre-washed & hand cut
    • Corn Husk filter

    • Stickywoods Details:
    • 1 x 2ml Stickywoods smokeable adhesive dropper
    • Contain no glue
    • All natural
    • No GMOs
    • Vegan
    • Gluten free
    • Made in the USA

    • Backwoods Details:
    • 5 Cigars per pack
    • 100% Natural Tobacco

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