T.H. Seeds x Killah Priest "Hazanana" Limited Edition Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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T.H. Seeds have teamed up with legendary hip-hop artist Killah Priest from Wu-Tang Clan to create a special new cannabis strain called Hazanana. When the T.H team and Killah Priest met up to work on this collaboration he discussed his love of the flavour and uplifting high that old-skool Haze strains deliver whilst also expressing his enjoyment of the new-school, powerful indica hybrids that have dominated the weed market in the US recently. This ended with T.H. and Killah Priest deciding to combine the best of old-school haze with a heavy-hitting new variety to create a special new strain called Hazanana.
The strains settled on for working into this new collaborative cannabis variety were the classic Neville's Haze and T.H. Seeds's highest THC strain, Banana Candy Krush. For this cross to really reach her full potential T.H. pulled out all the stops, finding their oldest and most prized cut of the legendary Neville's Haze. This iconic haze strain has an incredible high, a wonderful, old school flavour and also a THC level of around 25% making her the perfect match for T.H.'s own Banana Candy Krush. With these two strains as the building blocks for the team of breeders to work with it's no surprise that Hazanana turned out to be a bit special.
When grown in legal cannabis climate Hazanana feminised weed seeds produce plants that have a great structure with many flowers along her branches and are also very mould and pest resistant making her great for outdoors as well as indoor gardens. Hazanana grows pretty tall due to her haze heritage with a stretch of around 2.5-3x, she has loads of side branches with great internodal spacing.
T.H. Seeds recommend topping Hazanana due to her height with indoor growers finding topping twice being the perfect way to manage the height. Hazanana rewards you with a large, easy to trim harvest of flowers fully coated in sticky trichomes.
Hazanana is a special strain that T.H. Seeds and KIllah Priest are very proud of, even declaring her to create one of the finest smoking experiences they've ever had! She is the perfect daytime smoke due to her uplifting and energetic high and Hazanana also has a unique terp profile. She is an exquisite blend of the old and new with a complex classic haze taste mixed with notes of banana candy. Hazanana is not strain to be recommended to amateur smokers, she is a very potent smoke so be warned!

T.H. Seeds were one of the first Dutch companies to bring elite US genetics to Europe in the early 90s and the iconic seed bank continue to release some of the finest strains using rare American genetics.

Limited offer - Buy a pack of 5 Hazanana seeds and get 2 FREE Hazanana seeds plus 1 FREE French Macaron seed!

  • Hazanana feminized cannabis Seeds by T.H. Seeds x Killah Priest
  • Type: 70% Sativa  30% Indica
  • Genetics: Neville's Haze x Banana Candy Krush
  • Yield: Optimum indoor: 500-650 gr/m²
  • Indoor flowering time: 63 days / 9 weeks
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