T.H. Seeds Black Apple Hitchcock Limited Edition (Bastards Line) Feminised Cannabis Seeds

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T.H. Seeds present one of their ultimate creations - Black Apple Hitchcock feminised cannabis seeds! This one is a truly outstanding strain created by TH Seeds and Shiloh to be the most dank, dark, evil Cali bud you have ever seen. The team at T.H describe aromas of creamy apple candy and gelato filling the air with amazing colours and out of this world bag appeal.
The genetics behind this wonderful strain are the Grape OG and the Sour Apple IBL which combine the Grape OG's fresh grape, lemon and floral terp profile with the distinctive sour gas and sweet apple terp profile of the Sour Apple to create a uniquely dank flavour experience. Sour Apple IBL is a cross of two classic strains, Sour Diesel and Cindarella 99 and the Grape OG is a cross of Tahoe OG, a legendary west coast kush and Grape Romulan and underground favourite for many years across Canada and the United States.
Black Apple Hitchcock is now available in feminsed seed form after massive customer demand! She was one of T.H. Seeds best ever selling regular limited edition strains so they had to create a feminised version for you all to enjoy.
Black Apple Hitchcock is part of the Bastards Line and is an easy to grow plant which boasts truly unique colours, flavours and aromas that are sure to surprise and delight even the most demanding top shelf dank connoisseur.
Growing Black Apple Hitchcock in legal climates you can expect most plants to be between 130-140 cm tall with the tallest around 160cm and the shortest around 120cm. In general she doesn't grow too wide but can become pretty chunky with multiple toppings. As an added bonus the flowers are tight with a decent size and an easy to trim finish. The Black Apple Hitchcock buds are dense and frosty with an incredible range of colours - green, red, black and dark purple can all be seen in one plant! The resin coverage is outstanding with each bud twinkling like a night star and she makes amazing water hash and dry sift.  When T.H. were testing Black Apple Hitchcock everything was exactly as they wanted and they describe her as " just the perfect strain".
Experience the unique Black Apple Hitchcock flavours of creamy apple candy and dank gelato with her mellowing and creative effects - finally available now as feminised weed seeds for a limited time!
T.H. Seeds were one of the first Dutch companies to bring elite US genetics to Europe in the early 90s and the iconic seed bank continue to release some of the finest strains using rare American genetics.
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  • Black Apple Hitchcock feminised cannabis Seeds by T.H. Seeds
  • Type: 40% Indica 60% Sativa
  • Genetics: Grape OG x Sour Apple IBL
  • Yield: Optimum indoor: 400-600 gr/m²
  • Indoor flowering time: 56-63 days / 8-9 weeks
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