Slapwoods Cigar Blunt Wraps

  • £9.95

You can now roll your own blunt that really slaps with the new cigar wraps from Slapwoods - available to buy from Natural Selection now!
Slapwoods are a new, premium way to smoke a blunt - they are a high quality cigar blunt wrap ready for you to fill with your favourite smoking herb and roll a fat one!
Slapwoods use only the finest quality, highest grade natural tobacco leaf in their wraps - their virgin cigar blunt wraps have never been mixed with low grade filler tobacoo. Slapwoods are created by hand in the Dominican Republic and each one of carefully inspected to make sure they are of the highest quality and contain no stems on the edges. In addition Slapwoods wraps are pre-washed and hand cut to ensure a luxury smoking experience every time. It is this attention to details that makes Slapwoods a truly premium product for premium smokers. Slapwoods comes in a tasty Russian Cream flavour.

  • 1 packet of Slapwoods cigar blunt wraps
  • 5 wraps per pack
  • Russian Cream Flavour
  • 100% Premium Natural Tobacco
  • Pre-washed & hand cut
  • Corn Husk filter

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