Santa Cruz Shredder 4-Piece Hemp Grinder Black

  • £23.95

Santa Cruz have finally released a 4-piece version of their amazing hemp grinders with a kief-collecting screen. We have been waiting for these for a while at Natural Selection as we love their other hemp grinders but always felt the addition of a screen would really elevate the hemp grinder to the next level. 
Santa Cruz have been creating amazing, high end grinders in the USA with their patented teeth design for ages now and have become a firm favourite among the more discerning smokers. This new hemp herb grinder from Santa Cruz is their most affordable yet and even better is fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly!
Sustainability and design go hand in hand and Santa Cruz have created this unique biodegradable grinder, carefully considering our impact on the environment. Due to high consumerism it is our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and this 100% natural Santa Cruz Hemp Grinder with a compostable label is the perfect alternative to help do so. Still maintaining a high quality product this non plastic grinder is extremely durable, with the teeth remaining sharp and guaranteed to produce a fluffy grind.
Buy the Santa Cruz Shredder 4 piece grinder from Natural Selection online or in our Leeds smoking shop now!

  • 4 Piece Hemp grinder by Santa Cruz Shredder
  • Screen for collecting kief
  • Diameter: 5.5cm
  • Height: 5.3cm
  • Made from hemp
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Compostable label
  • No magnet

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