RAW DLX Glass Tip Pre-roll Cannon

RAW DLX Glass Tip Pre-roll Cannon

  • £7.95

RAW DLX are a new premium smoking product made by RAW in collaboration with Grasshoppa, one of the finest rollers in the world!
Each RAW DLX is a RAW paper rolled around a luxurious, borosilicate glass tip that provides a perfect smoke for the real connoisseurs.
RAW DLX cannons and cones are rolled by hand in Vietnam by Grasshoppa's family using genuine RAW papers from Spain so each one is perfectly rolled and shaped for the best smoking experience you will ever get from a pre-roll. The glass tips can be reused and are made from premium, heat-proof borosilicate glass and they have an internal "X" shape to delivery exemplary air-flow whilst preventing any unwanted smoking material from entering your mouth. RAW DLX Glass Tipped pre-rolls come in two varieties - cannon or cone - the difference is simple, the cannons are a straight roll whilst the cones are conical - the choice is yours!

Buy RAW DLX glass tip king-size cones & cannon from Natural Selection online or in our Leeds shop now!

  • 1 x DLX Cannon by RAW
  • Glass tip & pre-rolled RAW king-size cannon
  • Premium borosilicate X tip for proper air-flow
  • Hand rolled in Vietnam using genuine RAW papers

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