Quartz Honey Pot

  • £34.95

The Honey Pot is designed so you can smoke oils, waxes, concentrates and extracts at the same time as herbs and flowers. There is a rotatable banger which is used for smoking oil and also a large capacity herb bowl.
The Oil Bowl 'Honey Pot' made of Quartz Glass has a rotating mechanism with which the oil nail can be rotated out of the bowl and back inside again. This way, dabbers can heat the nail without burning their fingers. The oil nail has a slit for a better pull.
The bowl is made of quartz glass which is in comparison with borosilicate glass durably heat-resistant - the heat is kept better and longer. Signs of wear which show with borosilicate glass when heated very hot and used very often are not to be expected as quartz glass shows little thermal expansion and high thermal shock resistance.

  • Quartz Honey Pot glass bowl & banger
  • For smoking oils & herbs
  • Height: 7.5 cm
  • Width: 5.6 cm
  • Available in both 14.5 mm and 18.8 mm female
  • Made from quartz
  • Specially designed for use with wax, concentrates, extracts & oils

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