Quartz Agate 6mm Dabbing Pearls

  • £9.95

When smoking oils, concentrates and extracts dabbing at a low temperature is the best way to preserve the flavour and get the best effects from your dab. Dab Pearls, also known as terp pearls are small spheres that are placed inside your banger whilst taking a dab. They spin around the banger and help to distribute the heat more evenly thus making it easier to achieve a relatively low temperature whilst dabbing. Terp pearls also help you to get the most out of your dabs by ensuring you get to smoke the whole dab, making it much easier to smoke any left over sticky residue in the bottom of your banger. and not waste a single bit of your precious extracts!
Dab Pearls are an affordable and easy way to take your dabbing to next level - available to buy along with many other dab accessories from Natural Selection, online and from our Leeds smoking shop. 

  • 5 x dab / terp pearls
  • Made from quartz agate
  • Assorted colours (may vary from photos)
  • Diameter: 6 mm
  • Specially designed for use with concentrates, waxes, oils and extracts

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